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AstrologyAPI is an " Astrology as a Service " company which aims to provide a practical, comprehensive and affordable platform for websites and mobile applications.

We offer revolutionary and unique solutions for making astrological calculations and predictions, generating and analyzing horoscopes and preparing precise and customized reports. We seek to present Astrology in a simplified, yet accurate manner so that it is reachable and understandable to all.


We are pioneers in integrating Astrology and Technology together to come up with all the essential calculations and information that any Astrology application or website may require.

Our main goal at is to provide innovative solutions to astrologers, Websites, Matrimonial sites, Media houses and other Lifestyle companies and mobile applications by offering them simple API solutions to create awesome user interfaces, exclusive Astrological Reports and the best customer service experience.

Key Features

We provide a smart & accessible developer platform for professionals and businesses to integrate our various Astrological services and calculations in their prevailing systems or create a personalized one.

Vedic Rishi does all the complex astronomical and algorithmic calculations for your astrology websites or Astro-matching apps and provides you with simple APIs to create amazing user interfaces for your users.

Our team of professional astrologers researches and generates a complete range of astrological content and services ranging from daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes to full-fledged personalized astrology reports.

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Our products are the sublime blend of astrological solutions and technical expertise which is reliable and has the potential for expansion/development. We also provide custom-made solutions that adapt to your distinct requirements precisely.

Our API's are very simple and can be integrated in your website/application in not more than 15 minutes!

No other solution offers you this much range, variety and flexibility at such a cost-effective price.



Kundli calculations and analysis based on Vedic principles

Match Making

Kundli Matching

Kundli Matching analysis using vedic principals

Daily Panchang


Complete Panchang with Hora and Chaughadiya Muhurta



Get your Lucky number by Numerology and various Numerology reports