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Life Forecast PDF API Reference Documentation

API Description

The Life Forecast API generates PDF horoscope based on the birth details provided in the request data.

The request data also has number of other options such as footer links, your brand logo and other last page details. These options can be used to customise the PDF as per your company and brand requirement.

The PDF API in response provides you with a PDF URL from where either your user can download the PDF or you can directly send the PDF horoscope on your user’s email address. The usage of PDF horoscope can be completely customised as per your requirements.


Following is the complete PDF API url -

Please note that all Vedic Rishi APIs use POST method for API call and so does PDF APIs.

PDF API Request Method


The Life Forecast PDF Samples

Following are the The Life Forecast PDF API samples you can download. These generated PDFs are using AstrologyAPI branding and everything can be customised to suit your company branding and style.

Request Data

Following are the options you will need to pass in PDF API -

                                            "name" : "Ajeet Kanojia", -- Name of the user
                                            "day" : 10, -- Birth date of the user
                                            "month" : 07, -- Birth month of the user
                                            "year" :1992, -- Birth year of the user
                                            "hour" : 5, -- Birth hour of the user
                                            "minute" : 12, -- Birth minute of the user
                                            "latitude" : 19.231, -- Latitude of user birth place
                                            "longitude" : 72.4242, -- Longitude of user birth place
                                            "timezone" : 5.5, -- Timezone of user birth place
                                            "language" : "en", -- Pdf Language eg: en
                                            "place" : "Mumbai,Maharashtra India", -- User birth place
                                            "footer_link" : "", -- Your domain link
                                            "logo_url" : "logo_url", -- Your company logo url
                                            "company_name" :"Vedic Rishi Astro Solutions Pvt. Ltd.", -- Your company name
                                            "company_info" : "Your Company Info", -- NOTE- SHOULD BE LESS THAN 500 CHARACTER
                                            "domain_url" : "", -- Your domain full url
                                            "company_email" : "[email protected]", -- Your company email
                                            "company_landline" : "+91- 221232 22", -- Your company Landline number
                                            "company_mobile" : "+91 1212 1212 12", -- Your company mobile number


Response Data

Following is the response you will get in PDF API -

                                            "status" : true,
                                            "pdf_url" : ""