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Horoscope Predictions/horoscope_prediction/monthly/:zodiacName

The horoscope_prediction/monthly/:zodiacName API provides monthly horoscope predictions for a particular zodiac sign. The response contains information on the zodiac sign, the prediction month, and multiple predictions for the month related to love, career, and relationships, among others.

API Endpoint : horoscope_prediction/monthly/:zodiacName
Method : POST
Full URL :

Request Data

ParamsData typeDescriptions

timezone required

float required

timezone, eg: 5.5 // if not given default will taken as 5.5

Response Data

    "status": true,
    "sun_sign": "aries",
    "prediction_month": "January",
    "prediction": [
        "This is an ideal way to start the New Year as Aries have their planet Mars in the first house and so while Mars will encounter stiff opposition from the big heavies Pluto and Saturn by square, as it passes through your first house, you will have the energy to handle the questions these planets will ask of your commitment and strength.",
        "This is not a time for frivolous goals, these will quickly go by the wayside, this is a time when your most important goals must become your priority.",
        "You feel a great call to action and yet you sense that what you are setting up for will require commitment and will test your character. The powers that be in your life will resist what you intend, you should bear in mind that the very people you may respect or defer to could be the same people that now want to stand in your way and you now need to review your relationship with them.",
        "If you are happy with the course you are on, the effect of Jupiter will reinforce what you are doing adding energy and some luck at critical moments; if you have been struggling, this can be a time where you are more at peace with the unchangeable circumstances and have faith that you will prevail eventually.",
        "Aries are very open, this means that in relationships you are eager to share your deeper feelings and fears and that opens the gateway to some substantial sharing and progresses.  Things get psychologically intimate quite quickly and in new love affairs you may find that similar family backgrounds or similar experience (good and bad) with parents draw you to a person and cement a bond.",
        "It is a time of positive experiences with others, not just in terms of having fun superficially but in terms of meaningful interaction and reaches the deeper parts of you. Much of what is good in love happens not so much in terms of external experience, but in terms of the affect a new person in your life has on you internally, they may just spark something or reawaken an energy you had not felt for some time."
var sdkClient = require("./sdk");

//Zodiac sign
var zodiacName = "aries";
var timezone = 5.5;

//Daily Horoscope APIs need to be called
var resource = "horoscope_prediction/monthly/" + zodiacName;

// call dailyHoroCall method for daily predictions
var dailyHoroData = sdkClient.dailyHoroCall(
  function (error, result) {
    if (error) {
      console.log("Error returned!!");
    } else {
      console.log("Response has arrived from API server --");