Tarot Cards API

Tarot is the most popular divinity tool. We offer 3 card tarot as well as yes or no tarot APIs. The tarot forecast offer interpretation in love, career and finance where as yes/no tarot is useful for answering users’ questions in fascinating way.

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In-depth forecasts

Our Tarot APIs provide in-depth forecasts for love, career, and finance, giving users a detailed look at what the future may hold.


Customizable content

With our Tarot APIs, you can customize the content of the tarot readings to suit your specific needs and preferences.


Quick and easy answers

Our Yes/No Tarot APIs provide quick and easy answers to users' questions, helping them make decisions with confidence.


Fast and reliable

Our Tarot APIs are fast and reliable, so you can trust that you'll always have access to the data you need.



Provide in-depth tarot forecasts for love, career, and finance on your website or app

With AstrologyAPI's Tarot APIs, you can offer users detailed insights into their future in these key areas. This can be especially helpful for those seeking guidance and direction in their lives.

Offer quick and easy answers to users' questions

With AstrologyAPI's Yes/No Tarot APIs, you can provide users with fast and reliable answers to their questions. This can be a fun and engaging way for users to make decisions and get guidance.

Enhance your astrology business with a new and exciting feature

Tarot is a popular divination tool, and by incorporating AstrologyAPI's Tarot APIs into your business, you can offer your users an exciting and unique service.

Add value to your website or app

By offering tarot insights and answers to your users, you can add value to your website or app and keep users coming back for more.

And much more

There are countless ways that AstrologyAPI's Tarot APIs can be used to enhance your astrology business and provide value to your users. Explore all of the features and see how they can work for you.

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