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Unlock the power of Vedic Astrology with our simple and easy to use APIs! Our APIs provide you with access to a range of Vedic Astrology features, including Kundli calculations, match making, panchang details, Krishnamurthy Paddhati, Lal Kitab and Varshphal. With our APIs, you can offer your users the best in Vedic Astrology.

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Complete Kundli API

Kundli in Vedic Astrology is an umbrella term for natal astrology. We offer various APIs to cover Kundli features such as avakahada table, north, south and east style charts, divisional charts, Vimshottari Dasha, Char Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Ashtakvarga and much more.

Offer your users various interpretation of their Kundli such as ascendant report, planet report, house report and remedial measures.

Kundli API

Vedic Match Making APIs

With our Vedic matching APIs, you can cater to your pan India audience whether it is Ashtakoot for North Indian users or Dashkoota for South Indian users.

Along with these, we also offer detailed interpretation API for each of the matching attributes and their remedies.

Whether you are a matrimonial, dating or lifestyle based website, these APIs are going to be super useful for your users.

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Match Making APIs

Dosha Analysis API

Identifying doshas in Kundli is one of the most unique feature of Vedic Astrology. Our dosha APIs cover most popular doshas along with their remedial measures.

These include Kalsarpa dosha API, Manglik dosha API, Sadhesati and Pitra dosha API.

Dosha Analysis API

Complete Panchang API

Panchang also known as Hindu calendar is a technique of time keeping.

Our panchang and related APIs provide a detailed view of the given date.

Be it simple panchang attributes such as Tithi, yog, nakshatra and karan or complex to calculate hindu months, anandadi yoga, durmuhurta and many more auspicious and inauspicious yogas and their timings.

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Panchang API

Personalised Gochar APIs

Gochar or transits are positions of the planets in the sky for given date and place.

Our APIs offer both personalise gochar details based on birth chart as well as major planetary changes such as transit to sign and transit to nakshatra or other planetary transits.

We have API for each of these combination.

 Gochar APIs

Krishnamurthy Paddhati APIs

KP APIs offer various elements of KP astrology such as cuspal charts, planet significators, house significators, sub lords until 3 layers, planet and house aspects.

We have also have APIs on KP horary and KP transits.

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Krishnamurthy Paddhati APIs

Annual Horoscope API

Varshphal is also known as a Vedic solar return.

Our Varshphal APIs are comprehensive and covers a list of Varshphal features such as varshphal chart, muntha details, panchadhikari, lord of the year, saham details, Varshphal Yogas and monthly panchang.

You also get APIs for Varshphal interpretation as well for given Varshphal year.

Annual Horoscope API

Lal Kitab APIs

Varshphal is also known as a Vedic solar return.

Our Lal Kitab APIs are unique and provides lal kitab chart, detailed interpretation for each planet in various houses and their remedies.

Our APIs offer lak kitab debts accumulated in lal kitab Kundli based on Lal Kitab principles and along with their remedies.

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Lal Kitab APIs

Personalised and Detailed PDF Reports

Looking for Kundli in downloadable and sharable format? Here is the PDF APIs for Kundli, Match Making and Varshphal.

We have various options available for Kundli and Match Making PDF APIs. You can fully customise the PDF reports with your theme, logo and brand details.

PDF Reports

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