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With our easy-to-use horoscope APIs, you can easily integrate our horoscopes into your app or website and offer your users a rich and engaging astrological experience. Check out our horoscope API documentation to learn more and get started today.

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Use Cases

Comprehensive horoscope data

Our Horoscopes API provides a wide range of horoscope data, including daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes for each astrological sign.

Customizable content

With our Horoscopes API, you can customize the content of the horoscopes to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Daily horoscopes in multiple categories

In addition to providing daily horoscopes in summary form, our Horoscopes API also offers daily horoscopes in categories such as health, love, career, emotions, travel, and luck. This allows users to get targeted horoscope insights based on their specific interests.

Fast and reliable

Our Horoscopes API is fast and reliable, so you can trust that you’ll always have access to the data you need.

And much more

Explore all of the features of AstrologyAPI’s Horoscopes API and see how they can help you take your astrology business to the next level.

Simplified horoscope readings in JSON API

Our horoscopes API is easy to use and can be easily integrated into your website or app. So if you are looking for an API that provides horoscopes in JSON format, then our horoscopes API is the perfect choice for you.

"status": true,
"sun_sign": "taurus",
"prediction_date": "8-7-2019",
"prediction": {
"personal_life": "Mercury stations retrograde today. With it comes your need for a deeper understanding of your partner. Or if you are single this will mean that finding someone who matters has never been so important",
"profession": "Have faith in your own decisions. This will propel your career, which will also benefit you financially.",
"health": "You like to maintain a routine with both your diet and exercise. Stay on track and you will feel the benefits from all aspects",
"travel": "An exciting upcoming trip has injected life into your day. Relish the feeling. ",
"luck": "Go the road less travelled. It will bring you more luck.",
"emotions": "Try not to be insecure about something you have no control over. This will do more damage than good.",

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