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Response Data

	"chinese_zodiac": "rabbit",
	"forecast_year": 2020,
	"forecast": [
		"You are industrious but also need to be cautious. While 2020 is bringing in new opportunities to meet your goals and ambitions, wait! Hang on! Don't get excited. Calculate is the advice we give you in a glaring sense. Avoid taking the plunge immediately. You gotta weigh the positives and negatives before you delve into unknown waters. You surely don't want to be a piece of meat for some waiting alligator down there. Don't be foolhardy; your 'golden chance' as you had felt could turn out to be a monster in hiding.",
		"Your piggy banks would be getting full. This year, the astrological indicators are so rightly placed to endow you with good luck and money. So there could be a meaty promotion waiting for you. So as 2020 is bringing you an appraisal, we see that you also have a spending problem. Great! It's like paying the baker more than your cake is worth. Just because your hands are getting full, don't simply get onto a shopping spree. More money means more responsibility. Wisely learn the art of money management. Smart bunny, we need not tell you how important it is to save money. You know it right!",
		"You are sensitive, romantic and considerate when it comes to love. You are about to bump into somebody whom you might just start liking. Your tenderness could be playing a key role in attracting the opposite sex. And if you wish to be your partner's munchkin for a longer time, then stop playing mysterious and better be serious right at the start.",
		"You bunnies are known to be overly sentimental. So you gotta keep away from those strong spirits. Don't drink like a fish and appear some dipsomaniac to make matters worse. You'll start having mental sickness if you do so. Your heart, gall and liver are delicate to keep up with the rush of 2020. So take good care of yourself, and exercise dear bunnies. You so much need it to glide through 2020!",
		"It's a year of rise and falls for you Rabbits out there. This year is kinda balanced in its good and bad, so you need not worry much.  Every good will neutralize your bad and every bad is kicking you to perform better. Dark is sexy, but you gotta avoid it. And some evening your sweetheart might ask you to accompany for a walk by the water. Avoid it too. And if you feel like taking the cake, the baker and the bakery with you, then let us warn you, that too on a serious note; don't be greedy!"
var api = 'chinese_year_forecast';
var userId = '<Your User Id>';
var apiKey = '<Your Api Key>';
var data = {
  day: 6,
  month: 1,
  year: 2000,
  hour: 7,
  min: 45,
  lat: 19.132,
  lon: 72.342,
  tzone: 5.5,

var auth = "Basic " + new Buffer(userId + ":" + apiKey).toString("base64");

var request = $.ajax({
url: ""+api,
method: "POST",
headers: {
    "authorization": auth,

request.then( function(resp){
}, function(err){