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Daily horoscope refers to predictions given for a day. Generally daily predictions are based on the Sun signs or the Zodiac signs. This method considers the position of the Sun in a particular zodiac sign at the time the person was born. A more precise method of writing daily horoscope is based on studying all the parameters of an individual’s birth chart including the movements of the fast and slow moving planets.

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vedic astrology calculationDaily Horoscope Predictions

Personalised Predictions

Predications which are based on one's horoscope and birth details

  • Daily Nakshatra Based Prediction
  • Daily Western Transit Based Prediction
  • Daily Numerological Prediction
  • Daily Planet Based Transit Prediction

Generalised Predictions

Predictions which are based on zodiac Sun sign & daily transits

  • Daily Sun Sign Based Prediction
  • Daily Summarised Zodiac Prediction
  • Daily Moon Phase Prediction
  • Daily Planet Transit Prediction

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