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Vedic Jyotish/Astrology refers to the Astrology of the Vedas. It is also known as Hindu or Indian Astrology. Vedic Astrology is Sidereal i.e. the zodiac herein is aligned with 27 Nakshatras or Constellations, thereby giving a more accurate astronomical representation of the planet's position in the skies. Different methods of predicting the future exist in Vedic Astrology; for example, we have the Jaimini system, Parashari System, KP System, Horary system or the Prashna Marg System, etc. Besides this, there are different approaches in Vedic Astrology such as Natal Astrology, Dasa Systems, Predictive approach, Remedial approach and so on.

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House Cusp Calculations

vedic astrology calculationVedic Astrology Calculations

Basic Calculations

  • Basic Astrological Details
  • Birth Panchang Details
  • Planetaty Positions
  • Horoscope Charts
  • Divisional Charts
  • Ghat & Avakahada Chakra

Dasha Calculations

  • Vimshottari Dasha - All levels
  • Char Dasha - All levels
  • Yogini Dasha - All levels
  • Dasha Details by Dasha Levels
  • Dasha Details by Dasha Date
  • Dasha Details by Dasha Planets


  • Bhinnashtak Varga Table
  • Sarvashtak Varga Table
  • Bhinnashtak Varga Chart
  • Sarvashtak Varga Chart
  • Trikona Shodhan
  • Kakshya Calculations


  • Shadbala
  • Panchadha Maitri Chakra
  • Sudarshan Chart
  • Gochar-Transit Calculations
  • Bhav Madhya & Sandhi Calculations
  • Bhav Chart & Chalit Chart

vedic astrology calculation Horoscope Dosha & Remedies

Horoscope Dosha

  • Kalsarpa Yog Analysis
  • Manglik Dosha & Cancellation
  • Pitra Dosha Analysis
  • Sadhesati Current Status
  • Sadhesati Life Report
  • Gandamool Dosha

Horoscope Remedies

  • Kalsarpa Dosha Remedies
  • Manglik Dosha Remedies
  • Sadhesati Remedies
  • Pitra Dosha Remedies
  • Gandamool Dosha Remedies
  • Nakshatra Remedies

Remedial Astrology

  • Basic Gemstone Suggestions
  • Advanced Gemstone Suggestions
  • Rudraksha Suggestions
  • Mantra Suggestions
  • Planet Specific Remedies
  • Jap & Pujan Suggestions

Detailed Gemstone Suggestions

  • Description About Gems
  • How to Wear
  • Gemstone Mantra
  • Semi Precious Gems
  • Effect of Gemstone
  • Ritual Methods

vedic astrology calculation Horoscope Reports & Predictions

  • Ascendant Report
  • Moon Sign Report
  • Sun Sign Report
  • Nakshatra Prediction
  • 12 House Reports
  • Planet in Sign Reports
  • Planet in House Reports
  • Personality Report
  • Individuality Report
  • Planet Transit Reports
  • Friendship Report
  • Spirituality Report

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