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Use Cases - Explore Ways To Make Your Web & App Great

See how and why to integrate AstrologyAPI into your business.

For Astrologers

Collaborating with people made fast and easy for Astrologers just in one click. Get complex and tedious calculations onto websites and apps making Astrologers job easy to connect with more users.

Save your time and energy

Save your time from complex astrological calculations. Our APIs shall take care of tedious calculation to provide you unique analysis and reports thus helping you to serve more people.

PDF Services

Provide your customers Astrology reports using our PDF services. With PDFs you can provide offline support to your users thus guiding them offline also.

Easy to Use

Our API is very simple to use; you can easily incorporate our content and tools to your website and mobile app in no time and without any inconvenience.

Astrology Apps & Websites

Building various astrology and spiritual websites and apps without any astrological background is achievable with our unique Western and Vedic Astrology APIs.

Specialized Content

Our content is written by the best full-time in-house astrologers who are scholars and specialized in all aspects of Astrology and Prediction techniques.

Loads of Features

Generate daily Panchang information, Predictions and Horoscope Charts in North Indian, South Indian and East Indian styles along with many more features.

Latest Technology

Our APIs help you serve your customers in unique way. You can build an innovative website or app on latest technology to have broader user base. Integrating our APIs with your websites and apps is much easier now with our integration program.

Lifestyle And Entertainment

Create custom horoscope algorithms and contents on request providing various predictions , biorhythms and give your customers privilege to know their important moments of life.

Flexible Options

Give your visitors and users different options of different time period based predictions, generation and analysis of horoscopes, remedial suggestions, and much more.

Mobile First Approach

Win over your users' loyalty and following with our simple to use and interactive tools. Our APIs are created using mobile first approach to provide better experience on mobile devices.

Connect with Users

Reach the ever growing, massive global audience by integrating our astrology API into your messaging/lifestyle app. Simple language, concise reports and interactive platform keep users engaged on your app.

Matrimonial and Dating Websites and Apps

Developing matrimony made simple with detailed Matching report, Manglik match reports and its remedies using Matchmaking APIs.

Creative Solution

Design your Matrimonial and Dating website or apps in the most attractive and comprehensive manner using our Match Making API services.

Match Analysis

Our API creates all-inclusive Match Making reports comprising of Matching scores (Guna Milan), identification of the Doshas and suggestions of Remedial Measures.

High Performance

Our match making APIs can very easily match number of profiles within seconds thereby providing high performance & low latency and increasing user experience.

Numerology and Tarot Contents

Disclose the magic of numbers and personalised Tarot predictive contents to your users by availing Numerology APIs and Tarot contents API.

Ready to use algorithms

Provide accurate predictions reports to your visitors and users by integrating the powerful algorithm of our numerology API to your system.

Innovating Solutions

Blend the planetary influences with your Tarot principles and furnish amazing and accurate results thereby enhancing your reputation and brand value.

News & Media Portals

Increase your reader’s base with promising content they need. Keeping your readers curious about what beholds for them tomorrow with creative insights is now made simple with APIs.

Cost Effective

Save the cost of predictions and content into one API. Our API calculations with unique content make it cost-effective for your business.

Grow reader base

Language is no more barrier for your business growth. Increase more readers with regional languages. APIs now available in different regional languages to reduce the language barrier.

Creative diffusion

Entertain your readers with more innovative horoscope reports, biorhythms charts that keep them coming to you often. Different reports and creative content will be complement to your business.

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